Different insurance for different farms

The Co-operators started out as a group of concerned farmers trying to protect each other. Farms need to minimize risk to enjoy good profits, and no one understands that better than farmers themselves.

We’ve put together five examples of different farms, the claims they may have, and recommendations for the kind of insurance they may want to purchase.

What insurance do all farmers need?

All farmers can start by looking at liability coverage to protect them for their actions. Another very important coverage is Farm Property. A local agent will walk through your farm and discuss specific incidents you should protect yourself against, such as wind damage and building collapse. Every farm property is different, so we help you build a plan that fits your farm.

When shopping for farm insurance, your agent will recommend you only buy as much coverage as you need, and nothing you don’t. This protects your farm and your family against most incidents while keeping the cost of insurance reasonable.

Brad's Poultry Farm

Brad's Poultry Farm

Brad has an 80-acre poultry operation with a pair of two-storey broiler barns, each equipped with an automatic generator and an alarm system. He’s hoping to build a third broiler barn within the next five years as long as his profits stay level.

Brad is looking at additional insurance to help protect his profits. He already has our basic farm property and poultry packages, and he wants to know what other coverage he could get to protect against incidents that could put off his ability to build the third barn he would like to construct.

Brad’s potential claims

Brad knows that heat prostration and other factors can potentially mean the loss of an entire flock. If anything ever happened to his generators, he’d want to make sure both the generators themselves and any damage to the flock are covered.

What insurance does Brad need?

Basic coverage

Fire and extended perils – poultry
This package will ensure Brad’s chickens and eggs are protected against fire and other potential incidents.

Extra coverage

Poultry Enhanced
Our Poultry Enhanced package covers items such as fences and increases the dollar limits for feed and loss of use for farm machinery, giving Brad a little more breathing room.

Heat prostration – poultry
This coverage will protect your flocks against heat prostration and heat exhaustion.

Power interruption – broad
Our power interruption coverage for poultry comes in two levels: Basic and Broad. Brad would want Broad because it provides for most forms of power interruption, whereas Basic only provides for the loss of main power to the farm property. Broad would cover the loss if Brad’s generators failed.

Boiler and machinery
This extra coverage is only necessary if you haven’t purchased Business Interruption insurance, because it is included with that package. Boiler and Machinery insurance would cover the loss of Brad’s generators.

Jennifer’s Dairy Farm

Jennifer’s Dairy Farm

Jennifer and her family run a 65-cow tie stall dairy farm with a heifer barn and a maternity pen. The farm has been in her family for two generations, and they are dedicated to taking care of the herd.
Jennifer is thinking of expanding her operation by ten cows, and is looking for insurance that will cover higher dollar amounts for fertilizer, fuel, and other things her farm uses regularly. She’s also concerned about higher pollution risks that come with a larger herd.

Jennifer’s potential claims

Jennifer is thinking ahead about things such as waste contamination and other potential pollution hazards. If waste from her cattle contaminates a nearby body of water, Jennifer is legally responsible for the cleanup.
She’s also had a few friends who have had injuries to their animals when they get stuck in stalls, so she wants to look at insurance that guards her farm against the costs associated with entrapment.

What insurance does Jennifer need?

Basic coverage

Farm livestock – elite
This coverage protects Jennifer’s operation against more potential incidents, such as her cattle becoming bloated or accidentally injured. Because her risks increase with a larger herd, Elite is the best choice.

Extra coverage

Dairy Enhanced
Dairy Guard increases dollar limits on coverage under a regular farm livestock policy, and insures additional items including corrals, fuel, and debris removal. Most of the extra items a dairy farmer needs are contained within this policy.

Entrapment broad form
Our regular livestock coverage is not extended to animals that are normally restrained in stalls. Entrapment Broad Form covers these animals against entrapment in stalls or other areas. For dairy operations, the coverage must be on the entire milking herd rather than just one or a few cattle.

Limited pollution liability
Bodily injury, clean-up costs, and property damage are all covered under our special pollution insurance. It can cover costs to clean up leaked manure both on and off the property so that Jennifer’s family doesn’t have to worry about the costs involved.

Darren’s Hog Farm

Darren’s Hog Farm

Darren has a 200-acre hog farm with a head finishing barn, weaning barn, room for manure storage for up to a year, and feed equipment to support all of his hogs. Darren has friends in the industry who have lost pigs for various reasons on their farms, and wants to look into how he can best protect himself against the same kind of incident.

Darren’s potential claims

Darren could have a number of incidents with his hog farm, but what he’s really looking to protect against is death or disease in his herd.

What insurance does Darren need?

Basic insurance

Farm livestock – elite
Because Darren has a large number of animals and wants the maximum coverage available, our Elite Farm Livestock package is his best choice. This covers Darren’s hogs and farm against most major risks, including accidental physical injury and ingestion of hardware.

Farm machinery
Darren will need Farm machinery insurance to protect his feed equipment.

Extra insurance

Limited pollution liability
If there’s a leak from the hog manure pile and the waste contaminates a neighbour’s field or a water source, Darren’s cleanup costs could be quite high. Our special Limited Pollution Liability insurance will cover most of those cleanup costs and any other costs that could arise from pollution from or to Darren’s farm.

Wanda’s Horse and Hobby Farm

Wanda’s Horse and Hobby Farm

Wanda works full time and has a 10-acre hobby farm with a horse barn and a few acres of land where she grows organic produce. She sells her vegetables at a local farmer’s market, and boards other people’s horses in her barn.

Wanda’s potential claims

While Wanda’s horses and vegetables may be part-time pursuits for her, there are still things she needs insurance for.
As with all livestock, horses can get sick or have accidents. Wanda could also run into issues with her boarding operation and her farmer’s market stall.

What insurance does Wanda need?

Basic insurance

Farm livestock – elite
Horses are a bit pricier than the average animal, so the best possible insurance is a must. Our Elite coverage will compensate you for a mare that perishes in foaling, or any horse that dies accidentally, along with other potential incidents over and above what would be covered in our basic Farm Livestock package.

Extra insurance

Farmer’s market liability
If someone was to slip while at Wanda’s stall, she could be looking at a liability lawsuit. This extra coverage allows Wanda to keep setting up her stall at the market every week without having to worry about anything else but selling her produce.

Horse boarding
This extension of our liability insurance protects the horses in Wanda’s care and insulates her from any lawsuits that may arise from injury of their owners or visitors to the horse boarding facility.

Jacob's Grain and Cattle Farm

Jacob’s Grain and Cattle Farm

Jacob has a 500-acre farm with two beef barns and a one thousand head finishing barn. He has a lot of farm machinery that he uses in both his beef and grain operations. Jacob recently hired a couple more hands and is looking at purchasing more equipment. With the money that he’s spending on the new employees, he’s very conscious of the cost of lost business if any of his vital machines should break down for a day or even a week.

Jacob’s potential claims

Jacob’s operation has many potential claims. His biggest concern right now is farm machinery and the loss of profit, but he should also be looking at liability issues for his employees.

What insurance does Jacob need?

Basic insurance

Farm Machinery – Elite
Our Elite Farm Machinery package can protect Jacob’s machinery from basic risks like fire, explosions or lightning as well as direct physical loss and most external damage.

Farm Livestock – Elite
With all of his heads of cattle, Jacob should be looking at the best coverage for them that he can get. Elite coverage protects Jacob against accidental injury and other items that our more basic Broad coverage doesn’t cover.

Farm Produce – Fire and Lightning
Because Jacob’s grain isn’t the core business of his operation, protection against fire, lightning, and explosion should be enough. Why should Jacob pay for coverage he doesn’t need?

Farmers General Liability
Our farm liability insurance package protects Jacob against lawsuits from potential injuries to his employees or visitors to his farm.

Extra insurance

Loss of Use of Farm Machinery
This insurance will cover some of Jacob’s business losses if his machinery is down due to insured damages under his Farm Machinery policy.

Farm Accident insurance
This insurance will insure Jacob over and above his General Liability package against accidents on his farm that involve himself or his employees.