Investment calculators

Our online calculators can help you plan your retirement and find an investment balance that works for you.

Your best option is to work with your local Financial Advisor. They’ll work with you to come up with personalized recommendations that fit your needs and budget.

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Life insurance calculator

Knowing how much life insurance is enough for you and your loved ones is essential for financial security. Use this calculator to get a better understanding of your needs.

Savings goal TFSA calculator

Find out how much you need to contribute in TFSA or Non-registered savings account to achieve your goals.

Use this investment calculator to get a better understanding of how that will help you increase your savings.

Retirement Savings and Planning calculator

On average, almost 90% of Canadians live to age 65*, the most common age for retirement. Use this Retirement Savings and Planning Calculator to get a better understanding of how you much you need to save to live comfortably in the future.

*Government of Canada (OSFI) – Mortality Projections for Social Security Programs in Canada