community advisory panel (CAP)

We began establishing a number of Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) across Canada in 2004 to create a forum where we interact with community members. The advice and recommendations we receive have a direct impact on our product and service offerings, as well as on matters relating to our community involvement. We have established CAPs in Calgary, Guelph, Ottawa and Moncton. Each CAP is comprised of 10-14 knowledgeable community members from various industry sectors such as health care, education, business, the environment and co-operatives. Each CAP meets twice a year. Some examples of topics discussed to date include:

  • insurance fraud
  • community safety
  • sustainability
  • emergency preparedness
  • reinsurance
  • affordability and availability of insurance
  • pandemics and global warming
  • mental health strategies

The goal of the CAP program is to gather outside ideas and insights to help improve how we do business; develop credible, well-informed advocates; and improve two-way communication with clients and the community.

The mission of The Co-operators CAP program is to provide a forum for community members to comment, provide advice and make recommendations to Co-operators senior management on any matter relating to the products and services of The Co-operators and on any interactions between The Co-operators, the community and consumers. For example, our Community Guard product, which provides insurance to the non-profit sector, was created to address needs identified by our Moncton CAP.

We plan on continuing to use these panels to solicit feedback from our communities on what our clients need from us.